A Peek Into the Type 1 Bright, Animated Woman’s Purse!

Is it possible that our purses and what’s in them say a lot about who we are as a woman? In this 4-part series we take a peek in to the purses of the 4 Types…
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25 Responses to “A Peek Into the Type 1 Bright, Animated Woman’s Purse!”

  1. Lorena Perez says:

    Impossible for me to determine what type i am! Im all over the place!

  2. Glenda Ruff says:

    Everyone teases me about what all I carry in my purse. One time I had 3
    cameras in my purse. I always carry loads of bills to be paid in my
    purse. Maybe there are deeper things to be said about what we carry in our

  3. lilibetp says:

    I have some of this stuff.

  4. Angie Rich says:

    This video gave me the push I needed to accept that I AM a Type 1! I’ve
    been debating for a while now…time to own it :)

  5. Allison Kirby says:

    oh my goodness, that’s me! i’m NOT a type 2! the receipts, the trash, the
    stuff that stayed in the bag for months…..that’s me!

  6. Shinibo says:

    She is so bright. Makes me happy ^^

  7. liz botica says:

    that is so lovely!! I haven’t done my profiling yet, still wondering if I
    am a 1 or 3? Why would that be? I’ll have to order the course.

  8. Cyndel2006 says:

    This is me!!!! only I prefer a more general match all color for my purse.
    But I pack my purse full, and it stays in my car, I have a card wallet and
    carry that my phone and my keys, I rarely take my purse in, but it is there
    if I need anything.

  9. thehotavocado says:

    SHE IS MEEE … except I tend to carry almost nothing. or too much. but
    usually nothing. I’m a Type 1 (1/4). Most the time I just have my ID &
    credit card in my back pocket. TOO FUNNY :))

  10. TalieB32 says:

    That could have been me sitting there, and the segment would have been the
    same! Lost earrings, trash, four types of gum, make up bag, random stuff!
    Love it! And l love the purple top! :)

  11. Julie Thorup says:

    Lol! This is sooo funny! I have about 6 lip glosses that float around
    through my purses, and I’ve “lost” earrings and other jewelry in my purse
    lots of times. I also like carrying a medium to large purse, but I actually
    have a whole collection of purses (options) in different colors and sizes.
    So when I don’t want a heavy purse I can go with a cute, tiny clutch or a
    big bag of possibilities. This really makes me happy. :}

  12. Sage Willow says:

    oh gosh this is soo me, I usually just carry my drivers license and my
    debit card inside my kindle lol.

  13. Grazina Ajana Szewczyk says:

    Emily, I love your purse, too. I am sure that having a peek into it – and
    listening to this conversation – help many women understand that we do not
    need anyone’s permission to carry whatever we want in our purses. You can
    carry a baby dinosaur and the chocolate factory if you want. When you hear
    “I should…” it is usually your Inner Critic talking, or one of your other
    subpersonalities; they are not nice, and they are ofter wrong. I carry a
    few pens in my purse, who needs a few pens? ;o)

  14. Lorraine Meredith says:

    I am so loving this – just like my bag…..lots of options, Brilliant!!!

  15. Dawn B says:

    This was great! I thought that my purse was the only one with all this
    stuff…lol. Especially the overstuffed wallet with the receipts…I loved

  16. Mariah Mayberry says:

    That scent of lotion must be type 1. I am a type one and I carried one of
    those in my purse for maybe 6 months before it fell out in a mad rush for
    my keys.

  17. MamaMonsterPride says:

    I couldn’t help but smile watching this! Contagiously bright, I love it! I
    am a type 4 without the tidy organization, my type 4 husband is always
    trying to throw stuff away from the bags and wallets I carry

  18. LoveThatRebecca says:

    Adorable! This is my sister!! I have a lot of 1 qualities, but this is
    pointing me away from 1 as I get it but don’t do it. Thanks for this and
    the warmth and love you have shared!

  19. winterpoetry says:

    Carol….thank you…I’m tearing up. It’s such a relief to accept my
    randomness rather than judging it as ADHD, disorganized, etc. So much <3

  20. C asquedo says:

    That’s interesting. I usually loath carrying a purse, sticking mostly to an
    ultra thin wallet and my phone which fit in my pocket. And I know I’m a
    type one!

  21. leeannisafriend says:

    Ok I’m a type 1 for sure! Feel so much better now about my big purse with
    my make up bag inside! ha ha It’s just part of who I am.. :)

  22. kristiahna clark says:

    I love this….this is me! Lol

  23. Carol Green says:

    LOL – I smiled when I watched this video. I carry around an LL Bean
    ergonomic Ameribag that has everything in it “just in case”. My hubby gives
    me flack all the time over it but guess where he comes when he needs
    something, eh?! LOL Miss prepared has it ready and waiting. I never go
    anywhere without my purse stashed with food, makeup, yarn and complete sets
    of knitting needles and books. Yeah – type 1, obviously :-) and loving it.

  24. TheTothill says:

    I have watched all 4 Purse videos and think I have the type 1 purse
    mentioned but not shown, I have a chunky wallet that holds everything I
    need. I only need cash (in order of value), id and my debit card. On
    occasion I will carry a bag like the one shown, usually when travelling.
    The thing that I always carry that were missing from all the videos,
    vitamins, pain killers and sanitary supplies (I carry all the time even
    though I no longer need them, but DD might). Where were the hairbrushes?

  25. liz botica says:

    I’m a 1, and a lady in a shop said to me once, ‘I’ve never seen anyone with
    as fat a wallet like yours’, LOL now I know why!!!!