Larry King: Most Expensive Purse I’ve Bought My Wife

Women’s purses are expensive, just ask legendary TV host Larry King, who can recall the expensive purses he’s bought his significant others, and how much the…
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21 Responses to “Larry King: Most Expensive Purse I’ve Bought My Wife”

  1. Killa Kam says:


  2. GhstArmyV2 says:

    4th coment

  3. Jaskaran Singh says:

    it is a altima sir lol!!

  4. 2JOHNNYT says:

    Old Man King should buy a BROWN PAPER BAG
    to put over that BAD DYE JOB on his head –
    Hey Larry when you’re ANCIENT it’s time to go GREY!

  5. 401rach says:

    1.9 million for a purse??? OK OK I love a good hand bag but I doubt the
    local thrift store prices are that high so I am sticking w good used
    purse….do you know how many purses I can buy used for 1.9 million?? 

  6. duffman102 says:

    I’d do Harvey so I could cruise in his Porsche.

  7. Jack B says:

    Altimas with the 3.5 are pretty quick. Nowhere near a porsche though that
    guy doesn’t know anything about cars haha

  8. Laura Bobbitt says:

    WoW $6,000. I think that kind of defeats the purpose. If you spend that
    much on the purse, there won’t be any money left in the purse

  9. Jade Manalac says:

    I love that guy when he talks!

  10. Popesweetjesus says:


  11. Ann M says:

    Lol, it was an altima sir! Lol

  12. JellyBelly2148 says:

    It is an altima sir! Lmmfao 

  13. Samuel Ramos says:

    Lkco.klolnn kk njnmk.Ghana ki nnnkikdvobc

  14. Mayc340 says:

    I love when that lawyer talks… Funniest guy ever#its an Altima sir….
    She’s dead

  15. ABreedon85 says:

    This is an 85 Honda!!

  16. Marshall Mathers says:


  17. Wub Wub Dub Dubb says:

    > o_o /<

  18. zebry13 says:

    What that blonde chick said is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. A car
    is no different than a bag? Get fucking real.

  19. NikkiAkaNlg says:

    What a bitch.

  20. mad dusa says:

    ugh. take all their money away and give it to the poor.

  21. Ann M says:

    Lol, it was an altima sir! Lol