Ten things every girl should have in her purse

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24 Responses to “Ten things every girl should have in her purse”

  1. Sarah Nesbitt says:

    who to stuff your purse to fide food in the movies

  2. NothenButHell says:

    What about girls who don’t carry purses? Like myself….

  3. 1998DENISE1998 says:

    Thanx :) Nice video

  4. mypickstv says:

    lol i know right…. im just a mint girl

  5. madison cureton says:

    But great video

  6. madison cureton says:

    Wtf your not a fan of gum are u crazy

  7. Jenny U says:

    i have all but 4 & 5. i dont get my period and i dont have mints at the moment. they are on my shopping list now!

  8. shangrilabellydance says:

    I think you forgot keys?

  9. mypickstv says:

    thank you im happy you like my videos =)

  10. heatherelizabeth121 says:

    This is a great idea for a video! Kind of help people that get their first purse, mine had the most random things in it! I subscribed!

  11. alissa caputo says:

    your videos are great! I’m your newest subscriber!

  12. NikkyinaNutshell says:

    My number one must have in my purse is def a lip balm.. I freak out if my lips are dry and I can find one in my bag lol I actually have the mint eos one your talking about its so refreshing to use. I most recently picked up honey trap by Lush and its def a new favie of mine! Oh and I own one of those wrap thingys for the hand sanitier too haha great for travellin!

  13. Glitzgurl08 says:

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  14. Bikinhus says:

    Hi! Now I’m aware of the things every girl should have in her purse, I’ll put some of your sugestions on my purse rigth now|

  15. mypickstv says:

    thank you im glad you like them =)

  16. faizakrm says:

    Mine tooo LOL
    love your videozz <3

  17. everybodylovesel says:

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  18. mypickstv says:

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  20. Katherine Chu says:

    What do you to edit videos?

  21. samanthajadexox says:

    this video is great! i agree with everything. Just like you i dont carry around a lot of cash when i should! and instead of bobby pins i keep hair ties! (: loved this video!

  22. zoe Castel says:

    duh you always carry your cell phone if you dont your an idiot

  23. CarolineDenhame says:

    The bobby pins trick is such a good idea!! I loved watching this video! <3

  24. XDHappyBear says:

    Hi I just subscribed to your channel. I really found this video helpful! Thank you for the tips! =o) I’d really appreciate it if you could also check out my channel and subscribe too =o)