What to keep in your School Bag

What to keep in your school bag. For me this is the perfect amount of things to take to school and really hope you find some useful things that you may want …
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8 Responses to “What to keep in your School Bag”

  1. Aria161Sheridan says:

    You wouldn’t want to be that annoying person would you?? Love it. Keep
    going! Xx

  2. Mad Beauty Queen says:

    I have already done one, so if you would like to check that out, look at my
    channel :) x

  3. Mad Beauty Queen says:

    I’m really glad you do! x

  4. Olivia Cullin says:

    Can you do a morning routine for school ?? Thx x

  5. Mad Beauty Queen says:

    Thank you x

  6. crazyvic363 says:

    Hi! I’m from the US and I was wondering how is it there in the uk? How are
    the people and stuff haha.

  7. Olivia Cullin says:

    Love this video !!

  8. sophia lujan says:

    Hello love your backpack