Women’s Holster Talk – Concealed Carry Purses

Carrie Lightfoot, owner of The Well Armed Woman www.thewellarmedwoman.com demonstrates and talks about the advantages of the concealed carry purses for women…
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6 Responses to “Women’s Holster Talk – Concealed Carry Purses”

  1. BrotherFrankie says:

    well done and classy.. (i collect blue glass as well.. great mantle display) :)

  2. Jamison Stanek says:

    I was told that women shouldn’t use a bag to conceal a weapon, because a robber could just run by and grab it… then they stole your bag and your firearm.

  3. Missy Fergusen says:

    You really need more synthetic (non-leather) bags. I will not use leather at all. Thanks for the video, very informative.

  4. SONIA LEVI says:

    Very informative. Thank you.

  5. Tamara T.B says:

    that was a very responsible presentation. nice job.

  6. aphdmansco says:

    Nice review